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MPI TS150-THZ Probe System

TS150-THZ Wafer Probe System | Wafer Probing System | 150mm Probe Station | 150mm Prober

With significant expansion of emerging THz applications, such as high-speed 5G communication, satellites, non-invasive spectroscopy, security and surveillance, medical and health care equipment, and short range automotive radar, the need for accurate, reliable and repeatable measurement data has become more crucial than ever. This is especially true for the research and technology development of the devices, integrated circuits and new product building blocks serving the need of these THz applications.

The MPI TS150-THZ is the first, worldwide 150 mm dedicated probe station designed explicitly for mmW and THz on-wafer measurements up to 1.5 THz and beyond. It provides unsurpassed features:

  • Seamless integration of any banded, differential or broadband frequency extenders up to 1.5 THz
  • Maximum on mechanical stability and repeatability combined with convenient and safety operation
  • Minimizing the measurement path for best possible measurement directivity,

Features & Benefits

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Air-Bearing Stage

The MPI unique air-bearing stage design, with simple single-handed puck control, provides unsurpassed convenience of operation for fast XY navigation and quick wafer loading without compromising accurate and fine positioning capability with the additional fine and accurate 25x25mm XY-Theta micrometer movement.

MPI Unique Platen Lift | Probe System | Probe Station | 150 mm Probe Station | 150 mm Probing System | 150 mm Manual Probe System

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Unique platen lift with Probe Hover Control™

The highly repeatable (1 μm) platen lift design with three discrete positions for contact, separation (300 μm), and loading (3 mm) with a safety lock utility are all examples of unparalleled functionality incorporated into MPI TS150-THZ manual probe system. These features prevent unexpected probe or wafer damage while providing intuitive control, accurate contact positioning, and safety set-up. This capability is especially critical if probes in mmW and sub-THz range are so cost intensive.

Additional Probe Hover Control™ comes with hover heights (50, 100 or 150 μm) for easy and convenient probe to pad alignment

Chuck Z Adjustment

TS150-THZ has 10mm fine chuck Z adjustment, designed to be flexible in the integration of different frequency extenders, like from Rohde & Schwarz, VDI or OML. Extremely beneficial for set-ups using several bended solutions on the same probe system – for easy and fast reset-up.


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Multiple Configurations of MicroPositioners

The dedicated and extremely rigid probe platen design accommodates two bolt-down MP80 large area MicroPositioners in east-west configuration. Four port RF measurements or DC biasing is easy possible by having two North and South “bridges” as a standard configuration.

MicroPositioners | RF calibration | Prober Station | Wafer Prober | Wafer Probing Station | Semiconductor Wafer Probing

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Another MPI pioneering solution on the market – the unique MP80-DX with easy and precise definition down to 1μm of Δl – is the ideal choice for accurate and cost-effective multiline TRL – the only RF calibration method in the mmW and sub-THz range. For more details, visit MPI QAlibria?software.

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Various Chuck Options

The TS150-THZ is available with various?chuck options?to meet different budgets and application requirements such as MPI’s:

  • Standard RF Chuck with BNC connector,
  • Dedicated mmW Chuck, completely build in special ceramic with high thermal conductivity (>180W/Km), or even
  • ERS AirCool RF Chuck (from 20°C to 200°C, or higher) with integrated Gold plated top surface with small vacuum holes

All chucks having two auxiliary chucks built in ceramic material for accurate RF calibration, especially in the range above 40GHz.

Various Optic Options | Wafer Chucks | Thermal Chucks | Hot Chucks | Cold Chucks | Semiconductor Wafer Chucks

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Various Optic Options

A dedicated?MPI Optics?are available with a choice between a single tube MPI SuperZoom SZ10 or the MegaZoom MZ12 with up to 12x optical zoom and more than 45 mm working distance. The small factor of such microscopes is ideal for RF and mmW applications due to space restrictions inherent with the integration of frequency extenders requiring shortest distance to DUT.